Bomanite Integrally Colored Stamped Concrete Renovates Courtyard


Shepherd’s Construction Company had the pleasure of working with KRM Architecture, Inc. to help recreate the original paving at the Anderson University Decker Hall Plaza. The Anderson University recently underwent renovations for their centennial celebration. Students returning from summer vacation arrived to newly paved walkways along with many other changes that improved the appearance of the 100 year old campus.

Anderson University Decker Hall Plaza renovation using Bomanite Imprint Bomacron Running Bond Used Brick pattern in Anderson, Indiana.We set out to help reconstruct the old plaza paving in a more stable, durable, cost-effective and aesthetic appealing paving material. The old uneven brick pavers on the walkway were considered a hazard and were removed and replaced with a monolithic pour of concrete. Bomanite Stamped Concrete Imprint Systems was chosen for its realistic appearance to brick. The Bomaron Running Bond Used Brick pattern was colored throughout with an Integral Color and highlighted with a Bomanite Release Agent to show the texture and old worn brick finish. Bomanite Stamped Concrete is highly durable long-lasting for harsh winter environments and stands the test of time for several million footsteps a day, making it ideal for the Anderson University campus.

Bomanite Imprint Concrete looks like realistic brick using Bomacron Running Bond Used Brick pattern at Anderson University Decker Hall in Anderson, Indiana.In 1970, Anderson University Decker Hall was completed, replacing Old Main as the central academic building on campus and consisted of 10,000 square feet of brick pavers installed over concrete sub-base and sand leveler. For the Centennial Celebration the pavers were removed and disposed of with new construction of curb planters, 5,000 square feet of Bomanite stamped concrete and approximately 3,300 square feet of broom finish banding and tributary walkways, giving this project a brand new start to another 100 years.